Senior Code Reviewer


United States (Remote)

May 2021 – September 2021

Provided quality control and appropriate feedback for code reviewers within a cross-functional team in order to optimize the code review process

Assessed code clarity, style, and best practices on project PRs.

Developed code review guidelines on JavaScript, React.js/Redux, and Ruby on Rails for part-time code reviewers in a fast-paced startup

Helped 300+ students debug their code and understand technical concepts.

Created and coordinated a continuous learning program for junior code reviewers.

Tested API integrations for react capstone projects.

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Featured projects


Uniswap Clone

A UNISWAP clone blockchain application, deployed on Ropsten Network. The application was developed using Solidity, Nextjs, Sanity.io, and TailwindCSS.

NextjsSolidityTailwindCSSSanity.ioWeb 3.0

Mad Ⓥ-Apes NFT Marketplace

The project was basically building a Frontend web application for a client - an NFT collections marketplace Developed a frontend web application showcasing Mad Ⓥ-Apes, NFT collection using React.js, styled components, and Bootstrap. Maintained modularity of code, optimized performance, and improved SEO functionality.

HTML/CSSReact JSReduxJavaScriptStyled ComponentBootstrap

Course Marketplace

I developed an interactive marketplace where clients can purchase courses(students can choose products of their choice) with Ether digital currency. It features a marketplace page with real-time updates of Ether currency and course prices compared to the US dollar.

SolidityWeb3Next JSTailwindCSS

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